Sir Simon Malachi


Imperial Knight


Order of the Imperial Knights


4 Light 237, IE (26 years old)




Sigmund Malachi, Anna Malachi


Sylvester Malachi

Simon Malachi (MAH-lah-khee) was born as the eldest son of an imperial knight into the noble house of Malachi in the year 237 of the Imperial Era. He spent his early youth in the capital city of the Empire, Aldrasal, training swordsmanship under his father and reading books on various topics.

On his 14th birthday, Simon's father sent him to become a squire; he continued his training under a veteran knight, a paladin who was a friend of his father. The venerable paladin taught him not only how to fight, but taught him the idealistic form of a knight's ways, which continues to affect him to this day. His squiredom ended in the year 258, when he turned 21 and he was knighted by the lord of his province. Shortly afterwards, he was recommended by his mentor to the emperor, who in turn gave him a position in the prestigious Order of the Imperial Knights.

Most recently, he has been assigned as the leader of a company in the Regiment of North Milirin of the Grand Etherilian Army, his stated mission to protect the people of the province from the increasing bandit activity in the region.

Simon has a squire named Goran.


Simon is a young, intelligent and promising leader renowned as a champion of the people. He is always willing to stand by the side of those who are weaker, even when it means bending the rules and risking his position. Even his own brotherhood thinks he goes too far sometimes, like in the winter of 260, when he attacked and slew a patrol of corrupt guardsmen who had been harassing innocent civilians. He was declared guilty of murder, but the people and the brotherhood stood by his side, pressuring the emperor to pardon him.

On the surface, Simon is very polite, rational and considerate as long as he is not driven emotional. On the battlefield, to those who he sees as wrongdoers, he is ardent and even ruthless. Simon is very determined in his actions and will not be swayed easily.

As a unitEdit

Sprite: Simon sprite

Lvl: 11 (34 Exp)

Str: 15
End: 19
Skl: 14
Spd: 14
Lck: 12
Mag: 8
Int: 18

Gold: 255
Armor: Chain
Items (2/5):
-Sword (8/60)
-Sword (60/60)
-Vulnerary (3/3)
-Antitoxin (3/3)

Skills (16/18):
-Armor C
-Blade D
-Leadership D

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