The Shadowkin are animals, humans, spirits and gods devoured by the power of Gaarn. The transformation begins slowly and painfully, in a week or so the body is corrupted beyond regocnition, loses freedom of choice, and the change becomes irreversible even by the most powerful of the gods, Gaarn having full control over the victim. The transformation is fueled by the very essence of the people it corrupts, and will eventually kill; but the more powerful the essence is, the longer its death takes and the more powerful the Shadow will grow, though the process will actually be faster. Until just before the very end, the host remains conscious of what they are doing, but even the strongest are unable to fight against it.

Forms of ShadowkinEdit


A plaguebringer is a lowly Shadow, a newly infected body similar to a revenant, but far more dangerous. Touching one contracts a disease that brings about the transformation into one of them.


A beast is a ferocious Shadow that is formed by fusing the essences and bodies of several beings. Their frenzy is beyond compare, and they run faster than a pegasus can fly.


A watcher is a magic using shadow that takes the form of a floating eyeball. They do not only possess powerful magic of their own right, but can channel the power of Gaarn to empower each other and the other Shadowkin.


A reaper is the hunter and assassin of the Shadowkin, an experienced warrior that is both agile and extremely strong. They can easily cut an armored soldier in two with just their gigantic claws.


The most powerful type of Shadow, usually a minor god that was allured and corrupted by Gaarn himself. They are almost indestructible, and possess both tremenous physical power and magic mere mortals could only dream of.

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