Welcome to this wiki made for the Rune of Shadows Forum RPG. This wiki will one day be the source of all information you need about the setting - its history, mythology, places, characters - and the rules you need to know to play the game.

Fire Emblem: Rune of ShadowsEdit

The original RoS was a successful Forum RPG based on the Fire Emblem Series by Intelligent Systems. It was hosted on the Neoseeker forums, and can still be viewed here. It took place in an original setting, the continent of Etheril, which was descending into a great holy war between the gods of the world, supported by their respective followers. Spanning almost 200 pages, it finally died because its grand scale became too much to be handled by a human.

RoS: ChroniclesEdit

A prequel set over 500 years before the original, RoS: Chronicles - or officially Fire Emblem: Rune of Shadows - Chronicles of the Holy War (Book I, The Beginning) - tells the story that made Etheril what it was. It features even bigger battles than the original, but this time with the help of a program that can be used to actually play the game on the internet, so that it would not grow out of control.

The RP can be viewed here.

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